We are made up of what we eat. You choose what to eat. Know what you put into your body. Know your food. And the best way to know your food is to know your farmer!

Canadians are becoming more informed about what they eat all the time. Most of us know plenty about eating organic, reducing food miles, eating local, eating seasonal, 100 mile diet, etc. The positive factors on society, the environment, the local economy, not least of all nutrition are well documented. This is the way our forefathers were born and raised to. It is the way we now aspire to.

We feel very strongly that an affordable, locally sourced food system is attainable, and even necessary. You could argue that the basis of all society is food, and that falls on the farmer. Unlike factory farms, there is no mystery or secrecy to the family farm, and we welcome all opportunities to strengthen the farm to table connection.